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Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter

If you've never written a letter of recommendation before, the process can seem a bit intimidating. Fortunately, all letters of recommendation involve common elements that you can master easily. To write a letter of recommendation, you'll need to construct a formal letter full of honest praise, information about the individual's qualifications, and details about your relationship to that person. You'll also need to make sure you target the recommendation to the exact purpose for which it's intended. This process is the same regardless of whether you're writing for a job, an academic acceptance, or something else entirely.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation
  1. Use standard formal letter writing conventions to begin. 

  2. Open with a short, but enthusiastic, bit of praise.

  3. Describe how you know the person.

  4. Be specific about the candidate's qualifications and successes.

  5. Make comparisons to illustrate their success.

  6. Don't exaggerate -- show where and how they can improve.

  7. Keep your writing action-oriented.

  8. Close the letter affirmatively.

  9. Use a business closing and sign your name.