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Visa Application

An embassy is an official office of a country's ambassador. The ambassador acts as the official representative of a country and carries out many diplomatic duties. Embassies and consulates are in the same location from time to time, and both offices handle the affairs of one country while in another country.

If you wish to address the ambassador or another part of the embassy staff, you must write a formal letter. This letter should include your personal details, requests and reasons for writing, and formal salutations, or it may not issue a response. A letter address is often different from a spoken address. Read more to find out how to address a letter to an embassy.

How to Address a Letter to an Embassy.
  1. Research specific etiquette used in the country to which you are writing.

  2. Find the name and information for the person you would like to address at the embassy.

  3. Type your letter in "block" format; it is the most common type of format used with business letters.

  4. Type your letter on a computer.

  5. Begin the letter by placing the date at the top.

  6. Adopt a formal tone when writing your letter.

  7. Type the name of the person you are addressing, the name of the embassy and the address of the embassy to which you are writing.

  8. Type what the letter is regarding, by typing "RE:"

  9. Type the person's name if you are addressing the Consul General or an embassy employee.

  10. Type your letter.

  11. Type a farewell address, such as "Sincerely,"

  12. Leave space for a signature on the letter.

  13. Type your full name and any other identification that may be needed, such as an address, identification number, email and phone number.

  14. Print your letter and sign it.

  15. Add your name and address on either the back or the top left section of the envelope, depending upon the country's custom.

  16. Address the envelope in the middle or right lower section by writing the same address as the top of your letter.

  17. Affix the proper postage and send.

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